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Our clients

It is diverse and heterogeneous the group of clients we serve. Either in direct response to the overall construction of applications, or through the provision of expert advice, our clients continuously challenge us with work in the fields of usability, accessibility and technical certification of interfaces.

Boca - palavras que alimentam, Lda
Carview, Lda
Computerworld Portugal
Formila LLC
Novabase Enterprise Applications
Metrourbe, Lda
Grupo Fibeira, SA
PortugalWeb, Lda
Nzytech - Genes and Enzymes, Lda
Bright Minds, Lda
Hexastep - Information Technologies, Lda
Pracana e Martins Advogados
Mobinav, SA
SuaKay Arquitectos
Stars At Noon - Children's Organic Clothing
Terreno Digital, Lda
OberCom - Media Observatory
Controlinveste Media SGPS


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  • Prototyping and transactional interaction
  • Prototyping for catalog and online business
  • Usability and transactional interaction
  • Design and content management system
  • Corporate presentation for IT Consultants
  • Branding, Institutional presentation and online commerce systems
  • Corporate presentation of real estate corporation
  • Branding and Institutional presentation
  • Corporate presentation of architecture studio METRO URBE
  • Prototyping for catalog and online business
  • Portuguese Mission to the Olympic Games
  • Industrial corporate presentation
  • Usability and transactional interaction
  • Branding, print, Institutional presentation and online commerce systems
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