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Rua dos Fanqueiros, 65 - 3º B.
1100-226 Lisbon.

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Usability, Ergonomics and Accessibility

The research and development of innovative, robust and validated interfaces is the engine of our work and the watermark we want to build. We are designers, web developers and conceptual creators always devoted to graphical and technical design of information systems centered on user experience.

Since 2005 we've been designing and building dedicated solutions with one base rule: Robustness.

Certification of everything we do is also a defined trademark, giving our Clients results of superior quality, so they can achieve their own goals and target audience. We work with local and global agencies of IT, producing intuitive information trees for start up projects, or existing ones in need of restructuring. Dealing with a broad set of business areas, we use transparent, rigorous and dedicated methods as fundamental guides to satisfy an increasingly demanding market.


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  • Prototyping and transactional interaction
  • Prototyping for catalog and online business
  • Usability and transactional interaction
  • Prototyping for catalog and online business
  • Corporate presentation for IT Consultants
  • Branding, Institutional presentation and online commerce systems
  • Design and content management system
  • Branding, print, Institutional presentation and online commerce systems
  • Corporate presentation of real estate corporation
  • Corporate presentation of architecture studio METRO URBE
  • Industrial corporate presentation
  • Portuguese Mission to the Olympic Games
  • Branding and Institutional presentation
  • Usability and transactional interaction
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Spark Multimedia
Rua dos Fanqueiros, 65 - 3ºB
1100-226 Lisboa, Portugal
+351 962.330.822

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